About Us

As two doctors specializing in Women's Health, what we've realized most from working with patients is this:

women have a lot of questions (ones that should've been answered years ago), and women don't know where to go that they can trust to get their answers.


Countless times, we've been asked to be pointed in the right direction, and its made us wonder "why isn't there a place to send women to help educate them and answer questions like one of those old-school hotlines?"


So, infuriated and caffeinated, we thought, "why doesn't a resource like this exist already?" And then "why don't we make one?"


So, it being 2019, we devised an idea: an email-based service where women can submit their health concerns, be pointed in the right direction, and where popular questions can be shared anonymously with others as a sort of Women's Health Resource Database.


Nothing here should be taken as medical advice, but we aim to use our medical degrees, experience, and resources to help point you in the most useful, accurate direction. Scientifically based, factual, and informative is our motto.

Questions? Concerns? Something you'd love to see here? Let us know!


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